Monday night is True Blood.

Monday, August 10

A while back we discovered that we were getting HBO and Cinemax for free. So for months the only channels we watched were 400-500. Then all of a sudden for no apparent reason (other than the fact that we weren't paying for them:) they were blocked. Ahhh! It was almost worse than if we never had them at all. The damage had already been done.

No. Thankfully we didn't immediately call the cable company and ask to start a subscription (which I suspect had been their plan all along) but I had gotten a taste of how good Sunday nights with HBO were. And a new vampire series "True Blood" had got me hooked. There aren't that many sci-fi shows that Brian will willingly watch without some added incentive. But True Blood had "sucked" him in too. So now, although we no longer get all day airings of Tropic Thunder, come Monday night (a full day after it airs) I put all the kids to bed, download True Blood off the internet and enjoy. Take that cable company!

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milk and cookeez said...

Im hooked too :)
I rented season 1 from netfix watched it all and now I wait for every Sunday night too see what kind of mess Sookie is going to get into :)
Talk about a damsel in distress.
I love this show-wait until you watch it tonight-it's a goodie!