Christmas Idea #1 Custom Modern Oil Painting

Thursday, September 10

I'm going to try and post some DIY Christmas Ideas up until December. Because when you're doing a DIY Christmas, now is the time to start. NOT two weeks before. Trust me, I speak from experience.

Now, before you throw your hands up in the air and say I CAN'T PAINT! Just wait. You really can and I will tell you how. Okay, you might need some artistic ability to do this but, IMHO, only as much as any high school art student....and some knowledge of Photoshop or comparable program.

First create some vector art. Here's a great tutorial on how to easily make your own.

Then take your vector art saved as a jpeg file to an Office Max and have then blow it up to the size of your canvas. You might have to print this out in separate sheets and tape them together but if you can get it in one sheet, it will help you down the road. It is best to print out in color but if that's not an option you can always try it in black and white. But keep in mind, it might be harder for you down the road.

I like to say that the bigger the modern art....the better. Go out and buy the biggest and I mean THE BIGGEST canvas at Michaels. Be sure to bring a coupon with you. Here's a tip, Michaels takes JoAnn Fabric coupons which are a dime a dozen if you pick some up at the store. And they're always 40% off.

Now take your blow up paper and pin it to the back of your canvas. Shine a light on the back and trace your art onto the canvas with a light pencil. You will probably have to move the light as you move draw the canvas. And you might have to use more pins to in the area you are tracing. Remember to pin from back to front of the canvas.

Now just fill in the art like a paint by number with either oil or acrylic paint. Oil takes longer to dry but is best for appearance and correcting mistakes. This project is easy because there is no blending of shades or shadows. It's all very opaque and the lines are sharply defined.

Your recipient will be shocked and amazed by your gift. People will come over and admire your discussion piece. And don't feel bad about not telling them it was traced. A magician never reveals his secrets and neither should an artist:)


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