Bread crust and Canons

Tuesday, January 20

Oh heavens! I'm totally smitten with my new digital SLR. I've wanted one for I can't tell you how long. I finally scored one off Craigslist for a reasonably used price. Yesterday evening I spent the entire night reading through the manual and learning the various functions. Taking pictures of me in the bathroom waving my hands with a slow shutter speed, taking pictures of me waving my hands with a fast shutter speed. Oooo, I can see my hand in the second one!

Now, I'm thinking about all the cool extras I need. That is,
a cool remote control for taking photos in front of the camera. A cool telephoto lens for taking extra blurry photos. A super cool speedlite, so my pictures don't look as if a nuclear bomb just exploded in our faces.

There was one disappointing drawback that I wasn't aware of. That being, only newer digital SLRs have live view. Something about mirrors and sensors. Was I the only one who didn't know that? It's taken some adjusting but I think I've gotten the hang of it.

When I'm holding my new camera I feel just like a real professional:) It's heavy and feels impor
tant in my hands. I imagine my camera laments over having such an amateur owner. Maybe that's because when we're in public it tries to pretend we're not together. What's that all about?

Test shots. The second one is water running out of the faucet, fast shutter speed(If you click on the photo you can actually see the bubbles in the water). Cool huh?

Grosgrain here I come!


Mother of Moses said...

Congrats on your new camera! I have a Nikon D40 and I love it so much! It has seriously changed my life!

Art Nest said...

I see that your camera is getting lots of use~ I want some 'jump on the bed' shots of my kiddos...