Red is the New Red

Monday, January 12

I know I'm decades behind the curve but I'm really digging the whole red revolution. I always thought I wasn't the kind of girl who could wear red makeup. I have an olivey skin tone and for almost a decade now I've ONLY worn nude shades so now whenever I slick on my new juicy hue I feel like I'm wearing a new dress or carrying a new handbag. Thank you nieniedialogues!


Joe, Christina, & Rocky said...

I'm trying on this - got so far as to buying red lipstick... and wearing it to go out. I haven't been able to bring myself to do it for daily things - but I will get there! I love the way it looks!

Carrie said...

Hey! I found your other blog through... I can't remember but I love it. Anyway I love nie's red lips too but I can't figure out the right shade. Could you possibly tell me what you are wearing in that photo. Because it is awesome and I'd like to try it. :)