Clever 36

Wednesday, March 30

It's so strange to see the differences. I'm a little disappointed that the Diego never shaved el beardo.

Reminisce 2

Tuesday, March 29

Brings back lots of memories.

Reminisce 1

Remember these?! I used to have to either close my eyes and cover my ears or leave the room when they came on.

Party Plans 1

Hello dream night-in.

Lovely 3

Monday, March 28

What if a bride and groom instead of driving away, rode away on a tandem bicycle with cans and just married on the back bumper. I think that would be cute.

Food 3

If I had a summer get together....

Clever 35

Decoupage paper napkin eggs.....
Martha, you devil you.

Party 1

This is gorgeous but I can't imagine how many flowers it would take to make it. Maybe they are paper?

Clever 33

Friday, March 25

For inspiration.
Now all you need is a pencil holder.

Clever 34

Those books aren't painted on. They are actually the spines of old books. If you went to the thrift shop and bought a bunch of old books you could do this too! I'm guessing you could glue them on any sort of basket or box. You'd have to ruin a whole lot of book in the process though:(