Where will we go today?

Thursday, June 24

I've seen work like this before but wanted to post on here because it's just neat.


Thursday, June 17

I love this house plan. It's actually a duplex! But it doesn't look anything like one. It's almost 4,000 square feet total. I bet if you built this as a modular house it would be much much cheaper than you'd think. Perhaps the other half would make a good in-law suite and you could have the whole upstairs and half of the downstairs. What do you say? Splitsies?

New on the pod.

Tuesday, June 15

Is this cheesy? I love the new single by Pink. Glitter in the Air. I wish I knew how to play the piano just so I could play this song.

Last five minutes....

Monday, June 14

I feel like this blog has turned into a tv blog. But I usually write about finales and what not, and this is definitely the season for it. Last night was one of the best for me. You probably don't watch it, but you should be, because Breaking Bad has become the highlight of our Sunday nights.

It's an AMC original series, very character driven but the plot holds its own quite well. Last night was the season finale and I was on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time. And the end, what a great scene! Jesse in tears as he's forced to shoot an innocent man to save Walt. Walt about to be executed with just one ace up his sleeve, Jesse. I'm not even gonna mention last week's final five minutes! Wow. I won't go into any more details but just to add that it's definitely a show you can get into.
It's now in its fourth season (which won't air until next year) but it would be a great series to watch on dvd, back to back. The first two seasons are a good mix of drama and dark comedy. But these last few episodes have definitely leaned toward the drama.

I'm a bit sad that it's ending for a while but on the bright side, True Blood premiered tonight as well. So, Sunday's are still all good. Oh and speaking of Sundays, save the date! July 25th. Mad Men. Be there.

Just bloggin'

Tuesday, June 1

The cutest baby...fin.