Yes, I'm a Jon and Kate

Monday, June 15

I know it's been quite a while since my last post but I just needed to throw in one quick Jon and Kate dig. I'm usually not into this tabloidy stuff but I have to admit that this whole Jon and Kate scandal has got me hooked line and sinker.

The video, taken during an appearance on 'Access Hollywood,' shows one of the twins, Mady, telling her mom she's thirsty. "I want a drink. I haven't had a drink all day, Mady exclaims, head in hand, as Kate ignores her. "I'm going to get dehydrated!"

Kate then exclaims, "Yes, can I get a bottle." Water in hand, Kate sips some, puts the bottle down and does not offer Mady any. As the kid pleads, "I need a drink now" Kate tells her to "be quiet," to which Mady says, "You're really, really mean!"

Kate makes a last half-hearted attempt to reach for the bottle she just drank from but then tells her daughter that there's really no time.