My Inner Rapunzel

Tuesday, February 24

I've decided. I'm going to let my hair grow out again. I've had this bob 'Katie Holmes' thing going for a while now and although I like it, it doesn't leave much for variety. AND it's really hard to keep up with.

You gals out there might know what I mean. I was never the type to get regular manicures or even root touch up. So having to go every 8 weeks to the salon and pay $50 is something I just can't bring myself to maintain. [My sister would be berating me at this point in the conversation.] She's the highlighting, manicuring, nylon wearing type. And I've tried to be that....unsuccessfully.

So I'm going to let it out so when I'm in a hurry I can pull it in a ponytail. So I can put it in curlers overnight and look great in the morning. So I can wear the sweetest hairpieces like this and this and this.

Bobby pins, watch out.

No one cares for you a smidge

Sunday, February 15

Brian found Annie the Musical on Demand and now it has taken over our lives. I think it was a staple of both our childhoods and now he's trying to make it part of Lily and Mollys.

By any means....

No seriously, the funny thing is, hearing it now, as adults, all the lyrics suddenly make sense but we can't help but hear it as we did back then.

Every so often I'll hear Brian in the kitchen singing 'Anty belly lies' or I'll find myself thinking "no one cares for you us kids."

Even weirder thing, it turns out that "make her drink a 'micky finn'. Is actually.....

"make her drink a micky finn'."


Being Joaquin Phoenix

Friday, February 13

So, I guess you all have seen the bizzare Joaquin interview on David Letterman....

But have you seen what he looked like three years ago?

Wow what a difference! So here's my theory....
You've seen Being John Malkovich? Take John Malkovich and replace him with Joaquin then take the puppeteering and replace it with rapping and VOILA! Some geeky John Cusack has taken over the body of Joaquin who is now watching helpless from the inside.

That or he's on some serious drugs. I'm hoping for the former.

Do you fantacize about the apocolypse?

Saturday, February 7

If so I have an album just for you. Brian and I used to joke that a lot of music out there was 'apocalyptic'. Especially the stuff in movie previews. Not necessarily the Christian apocalypse but you know, end of days-ish. And I'm ashamed to say, I liked a lot of it. Especially the stuff that came from E.S. Posthumus. His first album, Unearthed, had my all time favorite track: Nara. You probably heard it all over movie trailers back in 2002.

Well, after restoring my ipod I started scouring Amazon for new music and came across good ol' E.S. And lo and behold they have a new album: Cartographer. I downloaded it and sure enough it's chock full of numerous songs to relive overemotional moments in your life to. (Seriously, am I the only one who does that?)

Check it out!

PS, the Piri Reis Remixes are the ones I recommend. I could give or take the Luna Sans tracks.

More still action photos

Tuesday, February 3

I just can't get enough of these.

Mark Your Calendars

Monday, February 2

I had totally forgotten that Valentine's Day is a mere two weeks away! I love any occasion to exchange gifts, dine out and just be openly cutesy. Check out this unusual approach to the traditional love letter on Oh Happy Day's Blog.

Please tell me, what creative ideas will you be executing this Valentine's? Seriously, I'm on the hunt.