Clever 36

Wednesday, March 30

It's so strange to see the differences. I'm a little disappointed that the Diego never shaved el beardo.

Reminisce 2

Tuesday, March 29

Brings back lots of memories.

Reminisce 1

Remember these?! I used to have to either close my eyes and cover my ears or leave the room when they came on.

Party Plans 1

Hello dream night-in.

Lovely 3

Monday, March 28

What if a bride and groom instead of driving away, rode away on a tandem bicycle with cans and just married on the back bumper. I think that would be cute.

Food 3

If I had a summer get together....

Clever 35

Decoupage paper napkin eggs.....
Martha, you devil you.

Party 1

This is gorgeous but I can't imagine how many flowers it would take to make it. Maybe they are paper?

Clever 33

Friday, March 25

For inspiration.
Now all you need is a pencil holder.

Clever 34

Those books aren't painted on. They are actually the spines of old books. If you went to the thrift shop and bought a bunch of old books you could do this too! I'm guessing you could glue them on any sort of basket or box. You'd have to ruin a whole lot of book in the process though:(

Clever 33

This is such a clever idea! Would also look cute on a tree house.

Food 3

Tuesday, March 22

DIY flavored sugars.

Decor 1

Most awesome wallpaper!

Clever 32

I really didn't know whether to post this under 'cute' or 'clever'.

Clever 31

Love this.

For Reals 4

This has GOT to be man made.

Clever 30

Monday, March 21

Chevron arranged tiles. I like this.

Clever 28

Why haven't I ever seen this before?!

Clever 29

Sunday, March 20

Love to see someone do a tutorial on this.

Charming Up a Small Home 1

Okay another great way to charming up a small home is to add roof supports (even if non functional) and flower boxes.

Interesting 1

I MISSED THIS! But I really wanted to catch a peek at the largeness.

Clever 28

Friday, March 18

Hi-tech pancake batter dispenser.

Beautiful Homes 30

Wish this was my backyard house for guests.

Beautiful Homes 29

Yesterday I posted about a rounded shaped door as a nice way to give character to your home. Here's another tip: dark colored hardiplank siding and wide white trim. Also cedar shingles with white trim look amazing. 

In the area I live EVERYONE covers their house in vinyl siding with like colored trim. I think it looks boring and cookie cutter and I hate it. I know hardiplank siding is a bit more expensive but if your looking for alternatives ways to pretty up a small house without adding square footage (which can be WAY more than siding), covering your house in something like this is sure to make it POP and look more expensive.

Beauty 10

Thursday, March 17

I'm so looking forward to peonies!

Beautiful Homes 28

Rounded doors make everything look better. If you are looking for ways to make the exterior of your home more charming without too much new construction, I'd go for turning your front door into a rounded top hobbit door. Has an 'old world' feel to them.

Weddings 1

Wednesday, March 16

I love this impromptu seating for an outdoor farm wedding. Would be a lot cheaper than renting seats. But the pole and streamers make the scene.

sayings 3

This is so spot on.

Clever 27

(I'm Sorry). Undo Card.

Saying 2

Tuesday, March 15


I want to go there 3

Puts my porch swing to shame.

Decorate 1

Ooo la la. MADE has a great tutorial on how to make these simple tissue paper flowers.

Clever 26

Friday, March 11

This would even be a cute idea in a residential staircase! I love how the artist painted dimension in the spine of the hardback books. Looks so real. If you had a silhouette machine you could make stencils for all those fonts.

Beautiful Homes 27

What a clever idea for an extra washroom!

Cuteness 3

How stinkin cute;)

I Want It 4

Thursday, March 10

I have an umbrella shaped like this and it's Grrrreat for keeping out the rain especially if you don't want a bad hair day. But I especially love the bird & cage thing this one has going for it.

I Want It 3


Beautiful Homes 26

This looks like it was once a walk-in closet. What a magical difference! Do you have a walk-in closet next to an entrance door that could be turned into this?

Clever 19

Simple. But eye catching.

Clever 25

Wednesday, March 9

I LOVE this! I might just try this.

Clever 24

I love this idea! Perfect gift for a knitter.

Kids rooms for small houses 23

Tuesday, March 8

Love this idea for a kids room for their sleepover friends.

Color Combo Loveliness 1

Pewter gray and peach is divine.

Clever 23

Great for kids parties.

Clever 21

Monday, March 7

Well color me impressed. HOW clever is this?!

For Reals 3

Real Life UP.


Clever 22

This is such a neat idea. Can you imagine a whole line of these on a wall?

Source: via Leah on Pinterest

Beauty 9

Friday, March 4

I'm going to try this.

Kids rooms for small houses 22

Tuesday, March 1

70s triple bunk bed love.