Tuesdays Not Just About 'House' Anymore

Sunday, September 21

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE House too! But if you've read my profile you know that I am a sci-fi nerd. You name it, I've fallen in love with it....Battlestar, Lost, Heros, Reaper, Buffy, X-files....And now FRINGE! This however, does not bode well for fringe. MANYof my former Tivo'd favorites now reside in DVD, plot lines never to be fully told. Carnival, Angel, The Invisible Man, Dark Skies, Now and Again, Dark Angel....the list goes on. But I'm hopeful! I've heard modest things about the recent ratings. But so far, it seems J.J. Abrams can do no wrong. So I'm really hopeful! He's totally sucked me in. Only two episodes in and I can't wait to see how John will come back from the dead, who will play William Bell and what will be Peter's reaction when he finds out about how he was conceived! OOoooo, I can't wait for Tuesdays!

....and the worst part was that I didn't get carded

Saturday, September 13

Last night was the first time Brian and I have gone out since Molly was born. That's my sister. That's me being goofy. Before this picture was taken we laughed about old homemade videos, common annoyances and our own unique versions of 'the robot'. We left at 12:30 and I was POOPED!

Baby Steps

Wednesday, September 10

Molly stood on her own for the first time today! I grabbed the camera that was sitting beside me and took this. She couldn't figure out how to sit down without falling over. Brian reached out to her as if to coax her to walk but as she tried to take a step her legs buckled and she had this momentary look of panic as she fell. I felt bad for her but I have to admit that the whole thing was pretty adorable.

Ka Pow!!

I took this last year at the lake. Brian is such a goof.

End of the World!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9

Did anyone hear about the Doomsday device that they are powering up TOMORROW?! I myself am very interested in astronomy and the origins of the universe which this machine is supposed to help explain HOWEVER, there is like a one in a couple million chance that it will create mini black holes that will devour the earth thereby bringing an end to mankind....heck....all kind. What it is *supposed* to do is send beams of protons around a 17 mile ring, 11,000 times per second then crash them into each other as what would have happened during the 'big bang'. The questions that will be answered could possibly change the face of science (including time travel....seriously). The device has been in the works for the past 25 years so obviously, people have a lot invested in it, aside from the $6 billion....of course. Brian brought this to my attention a couple months ago and at the time a couple groups had tried to go through legal channels to stop them from using it but apparently it's happening tomorrow. Yikes. Well, if I post on Thursday, you'll that everything went okay. If not, I'm somewhere between here and oblivion. I found a post somewhere on the internet that I thought summed it up sardonically.
Imagine you have a huge tanker truck parked outside a children's hospital. You don't know what's inside it, but you're fairly confident that it's either a cure for cancer, or 20,000 gallons of explosive nitroglycerin. To find out which, you have to shoot at it with an AK-47."

Read more here.

What Are Friends For?

Sunday, September 7

When the new Batman movie came out I HAD to see it! Brian was away visiting some old friends from law school but my friend from childhood, Abi, was nice enough to accompany me even though I think she would have prefered to see Mama Mia. Here we are....giddy from sneaking brownies and McDonald's iced coffee.

Why I Envy my Children

Friday, September 5

They have the hair color of my dreams! I've tried and tried to get my hair to an ASH brown color. But, no matter what I do it looks like this. Reddish Brown. It's my Pacific Islander genes. So I pose the question to you....Does anyone know how to get rid of that red?

We've Finally Boarded the HD Wagon

Thursday, September 4

This was my birthday gift to Brian this year. It was either this or a cruise. And since our old tv was starting to get fine white lines at the top of the screen I thought this would be the more practical choice. It's HD. And oh, how lovely it is. We get a kick out of switching the channels back and forth from normal tv to hdtv. Here's the Phillies in hd....but LOOK....here's the Phillies in noormall tv. Ugh. How did we ever survive?!

I went to Best Buy to pick up this tv and had a minor ordeal. Since, of course, I couldn't tell Brian about the surprise, I had to go to the store alone. I pulled the car up to the front where a brawny warehouse employee came out with my tv on a dolley. However, after many attempts we soon discovered that the box was not going to fit in the car. I then had the brilliant idea to remove the tv from the box and slide it in. He then informed me that he could not help me in any way if I was going to take it out of the box. Ugh. So....in front of the store....all 105 lbs of me had to open (without a knife) the box, then lift the 40" flatscreen into my car while all the Best Buy employees stood inside watching the spectacle.

One, Geek Squad guy coming into work insisted on helping me but was quickly thwarted by one of the other employees who promptly ran out and informed him that he could NOT help. I thanked him for being SUCH a gentleman. Overall, I guess I understand why they have that policy but as a customer, is it really worth having people struggle in the front of your store while you all stand inside watching? How must *that* have looked?

Molly's First Ride

Monday, September 1

Labor Day we all went to Knobels with Brian's parents and his sister, Caren. This was Molly's first ride. And kind of scary for me as she started squirming mid-flight.