Monday, July 26

Mila daydreams everyday.
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Let's talk about those last few seconds.

Sunday, July 18

If you happened to make it out to the theaters this weekend and saw Inception you already know what's coming.

Now that we have three children to care for, our movie going days have slowly dwindled. Before kids we would go nearly every weekend, even if what we saw sucked. Now that we go so little I try to be very picky about what we spend our time and money seeing.
Last night we choose to go out and see Inception. And I'm so glad we did. It did NOT disappoint. I've been very pleased by director Christopher Nolan's work ever since Memento and The Prestige. He seems to like to screw around with our perception of reality which I just cannot get enough of. And Inception is like reality on crack. But sooooo good.

The last few seconds, oh yes, those last few seconds. Brian and I debated them on the ride home. I seemed to think one thing, he thought the other. Without saying what I thought was true, what did you think?

I love the dark feel of the movie, and again if you are a Nolan fan you know what I mean. The visuals were so crisp and finely tuned and just beautiful. Awesome cinematography.

But what really matters to me is the plot and in case you don't know what is supposed to happen....Cobb (leo) is asked to do the very difficult task of implanting a thought in a very important person's mind (cillian). (SPOILER ALERT) Doing so will help him get back to his family whom he is unable to be with because his wife has killed herself and made it look like Cobb was responsible. Why? Because she thought her world was a dream and wanted Cobb to join her in leaving it to get back to their real lives and real children.

I think you can figure out what the last few seconds mean. But it was so beautifully done that it wasn't annoying when it happened.

I've always considered the idea that my entire world is a dream. Brian and I joke about it occasionally. He always gets upset because he thinks it's egotistical of me. Maybe. But considering the enormity of the universe and impossible magnitude of endless space, time and physics, I'm not ruling out anything.