Clever 20

Monday, February 28

Speaking of amazing lights. Love this. But I don't know how appropriate it would look in my home. Perhaps a younger couple.

I want to go there 2

Japan, Nagano Hotel, Tunnel of Lights.
This would make for an awesome photo shoot.

Beauty 8

I want these midnight blue MATTE finish nails! Does anyone know where to buy?

Tablescapes 1

Am thinking about this color scheme for friend's bridal shower. Love the red scalloped placemats! Looks surprisingly easy to assemble even from scratch. Thanks Ally!

Beauty 7

Friday, February 25

More tattoo love.

Movies 1

It's not often that I look forward to seeing a movie. Happens about 5 or 6 times in a year (once every two months). Am looking forward to seeing these in the next couple weeks.

Clever 19

OMGoodness! Hershey needs to start cashing in on this!

Beautiful Homes 25

Thursday, February 24

I wonder how rich I'd have to be to make this happen for me.

Funny 1

Wednesday, February 23

This is hilarious.
Source: via Jason

Lovely 2

I am a big fan of hyper thin bands. So naturally I love this.

Love 1

Such a thoughtful idea for wedding bands.

Food 2

I'm kinda tired of icecream but this looks so yummy.

Food 1

Tuesday, February 22

How amazing. I wonder how difficult this is to do.
Source: b

Beautiful Homes 23

This is such a cute idea for a girl's attic playroom or bedroom.

Beautiful Homes 24

We've just bought a new king sized mattress and now I'm looking for a new headboard/footboard. I'm starting to lean toward these spool beds. Classic.

Clever 18

How many things are we going to make into heart shapes?! Anywho I still love it.

Clever 17

Monday, February 21

Cute for a girls room.

Clever 16

Friday, February 18

Couldn't you just see paying a fortune for something that looked like this? But they are simply doilies!

Kids rooms for small houses 21

I love the colors of this bed in contrast with the white washed wall planks.
Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

Cakes 3

A cake's take on Grant Wood's American Gothic. 
This is so clever! I like that the baker didn't just recreate the painting but took memorable elements of the picture.

Clever 16

I wish I had done something like this for each of my girls.

How Clever 15

Thursday, February 17

I GOTTA surprise the kids with a serving plate of these sometime! Downside. They'd want it everytime:)

Beautiful Homes 22

Now THAT'S a nursery!
Source: via Kathleen

I Want It 2

I love eye candy to capture eye candy. You wouldn't look like a tourist with this around your neck. Just a stylish girl who loves photography!

Beautiful Homes 21

Wednesday, February 16

Love this little use of space. Wish my hallway had one of these. And I could do with that bead boarding too!

For Reals 2

I've had a lot of tsunami dreams. It's a recurring theme in my night time rotation. I've always wanted to see giant wave (from a safe enough distance of course). I guess the idea of seeing a wave like that coming at you takes my breath away. Like that moment before a car accident. It's so bigger than you.

Kids rooms for small houses 20

If you look closely you can see that this room is at the top of a staircase. I wonder if it's an attic or the hallway of an upstairs. At any rate, it's amazing. The light is gorgeous.

Beautiful Homes 10

White and Yellow are divine.

How Clever 14

Tuesday, February 15

Why didn't my living room have this?

Beautiful Homes 9


Beauty 6

I've never gotten a tattoo. But if I did I would like something like this.

Lovely 1

This would be great for photos.

How Clever Valentines Day Special

Monday, February 14

Make your loved one breakfast in bed and sprinkle in a little of these.

How Clever Valentines Day Special

Would be cute to give to your teacher.

Sayings Valentine's Day Special

Beauty Valentine's Day Special

Am thinking of making one of these for Lily to wear to school today.

Cakes 2

Friday, February 11

This is just too easy!

How Clever 13

That is a rug! What a conversation piece!

Cuteness 2


Beautiful Homes 8

Wish I lived here.

kids rooms for small houses 19

Wednesday, February 9

You can actually rent this one.

I want it 1

Tuesday, February 8

This valentine's day. Please be mine.

Vintage Fisher Price 5


kids rooms for small houses 18

What a reason to get out of bed!

Beautiful Homes 7

Monday, February 7

I L-O-V-E this. If I saw it in person I'd exclaim 'Neato'!

Beauty 5

Pinned 1940 Curls Tutorial

kids rooms for small houses 17

Two full sized beds and two bunks in one room! That's some use of space!

Cakes 1

Friday, February 4

For a while I was into cakes. Some of the ways they are made seem just impossible or at the very least difficult. But this looks so cool and it's just icing layered up. I think it would be very doable but still very impressive.

kids rooms for small houses 16