Puzzle Sandwich

Friday, July 18

I saw this on 'the crafty crow'. Isn't this the coolest idea?

New Grosgrain Post

New Grosgrain giveaway!

Lily and Molly turn 4 and 1!!!!

Monday, July 14

Lily and Molly celebrated their 4th and 1st birthdays on Saturday. Here's a photo summary of how the day went.
My beautiful friend Abi

Lily Blows out her candles.

Me wearing one the prizes.

Lily discovers her big birthday surprise.

Gracie is such a goofball!

Who will be the last balloon standing?

Watch out, Katie's at bat!

Molly opens her presents.

Lily opens My Little Pony.

What a big sister!

Molly's got to wear shades!

My matching babies.

Grosgrain Giveaway!

Grosgrain Giveaway! See here!

Grosgrain Giveaway!

Grosgrain Giveaway. Last day to post!

Wallpaper Love

Tuesday, July 8

For all you renters out there who lamented your ugly walls here's a nifty new invention for you! Introducing temporary wallpaper! Found this via Oh Happy Day. It's by Sherwin Williams and it's called Easy Change. You apply the prepasted paper to your wall and when you want to take it down you simply grab the corners at the top of the strip and pull it down. The wall does not need to be repainted or anything! To see the Easychange patterns go to Sherwin Williams then click on Wallpapers and Borders then click on the "New Easychange Wallpaper" logo.
There are a lot of ugly patterns but here are a few pretty ones:

Lily gets a new top!

New Grosgrain Post! Here!

My first birthday surprise.

Wednesday, July 2

Well, I didn't get the hydrogen car but one of my presents DID include David Sedaris's "When Engulfed in Flames". And I'm so excited to read it! I've been having 'laptop issues' and cannot take my computer outside so I've been longing to have something to read on the porch that I can really look forward to. For any of you who have NOT heard of David Sedaris, he is my favorite author, EVAH! If you like sardonic, witty writing you must read him. I suggest starting with "Holiday's on Ice" a collection of true short stories....of those, start with "Santaland Diaries". You'll never look back.

Happy birthday to me.

Tuesday, July 1

Today is my birthday. The big 3-0. I'm no longer "a twenty something". I don't know what Brian has gotten for me. So that's exciting. Here are some of the things I am totally lusting after.

Child Dress Form: Only $64 on eBay.

Patio Set: $364 at Walmart.

Bed/Sofa Swing: $2,190 Here.

This house: $340,000 in this neighborhood. Here.

A hydrogen car: $600 a month lease and some serious connections. Read here.
Well, that's about it for me. Here's to hoping!