My first birthday surprise.

Wednesday, July 2

Well, I didn't get the hydrogen car but one of my presents DID include David Sedaris's "When Engulfed in Flames". And I'm so excited to read it! I've been having 'laptop issues' and cannot take my computer outside so I've been longing to have something to read on the porch that I can really look forward to. For any of you who have NOT heard of David Sedaris, he is my favorite author, EVAH! If you like sardonic, witty writing you must read him. I suggest starting with "Holiday's on Ice" a collection of true short stories....of those, start with "Santaland Diaries". You'll never look back.


krista said...

oh, how i agree with you regarding david sedaris. to be honest, i don't really trust someone who says they don't like him. as though all of a sudden we're stuck together in an airless room and we realize we can't even use hand signals to communicate while the walls close in on us.
oh! and congratulations on all the positive feedback on the grosgrain blog. it is well-deserved.

Kellie H said...

Happy Birthday!!! I disliked leaving the twenties last year, but I am truely enjoying the thirties. I am going to check out David Sedaris for sure..just because you said he was your fav author EVAH {I so say that}
Oh... that dress form screams Grosgrain.