Happy birthday to me.

Tuesday, July 1

Today is my birthday. The big 3-0. I'm no longer "a twenty something". I don't know what Brian has gotten for me. So that's exciting. Here are some of the things I am totally lusting after.

Child Dress Form: Only $64 on eBay.

Patio Set: $364 at Walmart.

Bed/Sofa Swing: $2,190 Here.

This house: $340,000 in this neighborhood. Here.

A hydrogen car: $600 a month lease and some serious connections. Read here.
Well, that's about it for me. Here's to hoping!


Tonya Staab said...

Wow, love the things that you want ... I want them now too.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope it's a fabulous one.

Dawn Elizableth said...

Wow there's some amazing things on your list! Love the house. Too cute! Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30's. They really aren't different from the 20's.

Erin Neiner said...

HEY!!! HAPPY SWEET BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! 30 is a big one!! :) It's just around the corner for me. So...are you ok with it? I wonder about myself. I mean...30 does sound kind of---shhhh---old! :) So, i'm commenting over here because grosgrain is like WHOA...MEGA COMMENTS coming in! YAY for you! You deserve it! I am so excited to see how you will blossom!! Rave reviews, books you'll right, your complete line, even open your own children's store some day!! :) OK, better run. I have a cute little project idea I want to run by you. But I am afraid it will have to wait until next week. ***HAPPY 4th!!!***

Erin Neiner said...

...oh my...I meant "books you'll write"