Why I Envy my Children

Friday, September 5

They have the hair color of my dreams! I've tried and tried to get my hair to an ASH brown color. But, no matter what I do it looks like this. Reddish Brown. It's my Pacific Islander genes. So I pose the question to you....Does anyone know how to get rid of that red?


Deece said...

Hello there. Which Pacific Island do your genes come from?

Grosgrain said...


Deece said...

Cool. My brother-in-law is Hawaiian. My Pacific Islander genes, however, come from Saipan.

Oh, I'm not a stalker, by the way. I just love the clothes you make on Grosgrain, so I read both your blogs now. :)

The Pin-Head Post said...

I'm in hair school right now, so I don't know it all, but you have to use the color wheel. If you want to cancel out red, you have to use a color that contains green. Are you using box dye or are you going to a salon?

Anonymous said...

give the red to me? I have the faintest hints of red, and I've always wanted more. I guess I could perpetually stand with bright sunlight streaming into my hair, when it looks reddish auburn, but what on earth would I ever do at night or in the perpetual sf fog? lol. I'm sorry, I don't have any actual advice for getting rid of red in hair, as I my only experiments in hair day were (fortunately enough in concentrated areas such as streaks and the tips) either temporary or failures.

Man those fire-engine red tips looked great in 8th grade. for 2 weeks before I had dried out, stringy, bleach-blond tips. To this day, I have no clue where the permanant red dye went. lol.

good luck on your quest for ash colored hair.