End of the World!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9

Did anyone hear about the Doomsday device that they are powering up TOMORROW?! I myself am very interested in astronomy and the origins of the universe which this machine is supposed to help explain HOWEVER, there is like a one in a couple million chance that it will create mini black holes that will devour the earth thereby bringing an end to mankind....heck....all kind. What it is *supposed* to do is send beams of protons around a 17 mile ring, 11,000 times per second then crash them into each other as what would have happened during the 'big bang'. The questions that will be answered could possibly change the face of science (including time travel....seriously). The device has been in the works for the past 25 years so obviously, people have a lot invested in it, aside from the $6 billion....of course. Brian brought this to my attention a couple months ago and at the time a couple groups had tried to go through legal channels to stop them from using it but apparently it's happening tomorrow. Yikes. Well, if I post on Thursday, you'll that everything went okay. If not, I'm somewhere between here and oblivion. I found a post somewhere on the internet that I thought summed it up sardonically.
Imagine you have a huge tanker truck parked outside a children's hospital. You don't know what's inside it, but you're fairly confident that it's either a cure for cancer, or 20,000 gallons of explosive nitroglycerin. To find out which, you have to shoot at it with an AK-47."

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