More still action photos

Tuesday, February 3

I just can't get enough of these.


sarasophia said...


You are definitely my kind of girl....never stop jumping on the bed in chiffon dresses:P


Unknown said...

Fun! We did this in a hotel in Vegas once. They are great pics!

Tori C. said...

So cool!

Anonymous said...

That picture of you is so rad!

Yes, I said rad.


Art Nest said...

I just love these! That pinky peach dress is divine...

I'm over at the Art Nest now...please come see me...I'd appreciate if you could update my info on your site...I get lots of traffic from you :)
You are such a peach...are you ever gonna' let me paint portraits of your little ones?!

yasmine said...

aw sweet! i just discovered your blog!

oh and i designed those pajamas! it's nice to see a photo of someone as adorable as your little girl wearing it :)


vmsb said...

You are so adorable - I love your blogs! Thanks for the smiles. I'm glad to see I'm not the only random person that admires all you do and that thinks that we would be/should be friends.

Stathis Five said...

How did you take these pictures. I love it. Cute blog.