Do you fantacize about the apocolypse?

Saturday, February 7

If so I have an album just for you. Brian and I used to joke that a lot of music out there was 'apocalyptic'. Especially the stuff in movie previews. Not necessarily the Christian apocalypse but you know, end of days-ish. And I'm ashamed to say, I liked a lot of it. Especially the stuff that came from E.S. Posthumus. His first album, Unearthed, had my all time favorite track: Nara. You probably heard it all over movie trailers back in 2002.

Well, after restoring my ipod I started scouring Amazon for new music and came across good ol' E.S. And lo and behold they have a new album: Cartographer. I downloaded it and sure enough it's chock full of numerous songs to relive overemotional moments in your life to. (Seriously, am I the only one who does that?)

Check it out!

PS, the Piri Reis Remixes are the ones I recommend. I could give or take the Luna Sans tracks.


Artfulife said...

Thanks for introducing, my daughter and I can't wait to check out the album and download a few songs off of i tunes. By the way, I always imagine music to certain parts of my day. I have a big imagination that way.

Britten said...

Oh my gosh. I think I love you.

I totally know what you mean about the reliving the emotional moments to apocolyptic music - especially Nara. And I didn't know E.S.P. had a new album. I'm so all over this...