Baby Olivia gets a new dress!

Saturday, June 7

New Grosgrain Post here!


Bethany said...

Your blogs are so cute!! I LOVE the dresses you are sewing for your daughters! You should have your own dress shop! We are really neighbors, you know... we live in Lancaster--about 45 minutes from you! Hope you're staying cool this weekend!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Kathleen, I LOVE your blog! May I add it to my list of favorites?

I used to sew all of my daughter Sarah's dresses, and I love your work! And you pick such fun, cute things to blog about. That birthday cake is amazing. And I love the cupcake wrappers!

Thank you for commenting on my puzzle post. It allowed me to find you and I'm so glad I did!

nathalie bearden said...

wait a minute there you are! don;t think i forgot about you!!!! i for some reason did not save the email with your blog address. i'm adding it to my blog roll now. and is that tutu ready yet??? lol! i have an elefant memory! great job on the blog. i need to get some credit for telling you to forget myspace and come join us in blogland. hugs to ya!

Unknown said...

ah, love it! two of my favorite colors blue and orange ;)

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

wow, I'm smitten. you sew some pretty fabulous stuff.