And now I know what 'bullpen' means....

Wednesday, October 1

Last Saturday Brian, me, his sister and her boyfriend attended a Phillies game. It was a very 'iffy'' day. First of all it POURED on our drive over. So the weather was a big 'if'. All you baseball fans out there might know a little bit about this but the entire excitement of the Phillies game depended on whether the Mets won or lost that afternoon. Depending on which, the Phillies would either clinch their division by the time we got there (thus making the game irrelevant) or not. I'm still a bit confused, not being a big baseball fan. All I know is fortunately that didn't happen and the Phillies clinched their division with us watching from the stands. That's them in the background celebrating. GREAT! And not a stitch of rain!

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