Oil Cloth is so MOD!

Thursday, March 19

OMG! It's been nearly a MONTH since my last post. I've been such a BAD, BAD blogger. When I get wrapped up in grosgrain stuff this blog tends to go hungry. Since I announced that I was accepting sponsors at Grosgrain I've had a post nearly everday and that tends to take up all the computer time I'm alloted. BUT, I saw this recently on Party Perfect and wanted to share because I'm crafty and get excited when I see possibilities....

It's a tutorial on how to make a scalloped oilcloth tablecloth. View the instructions here at Twig & Thistle. The instructions call for you to sew a zig zag stitch around the edges of the scallops to keep them from curling. But I might suggest hot gluing popsicle sticks to the back of each scallop because I didn't like the way the stitching looked in the end....no offense. I think the end product was amazing!

I have always found a very limited selection of oil cloth at my local fabric stores but I found this online site: Mendel's Far Out Fabrics. They have a good selection of retro oil cloths.

Oil cloths are strange. For a while they were not in style but they've been making a comeback (as all things retro do). They have a fantastic wiping quality. Sometimes I want to cover all my furniture in it. The new patterns I've been noticing make these fabrics a MUST HAVE! Great for homemade beach bags or farmer's market bags.

I should start a store that sells only oilcloth products! Yeah, that would be AWESOME! Well, at least somebody should.


Art Nest said...

I just covered Isabella's high chair seat in oilcloth because I was tired of fighting the dried on cheerios on the wooden arm handles...cleaning up after her is so much quicker now! Thanks for the link!

Michelle said...

Great information on oil cloths and I love that website with the retro fabrics! I will have to make one to cover my kitchen table. I absolutely love your blogs...this one and Grosgrain. :)

Myrnie said...

I love the oil cloth, but what is REALLY exciting me about that tablecloth are the corners! It looks like they're sewn in, so it fits like a lid on the table. How cool would it be to have a tablecloth that doesn't slide off?? Thanks for sharing!

vmsb said...

Love it! I'll have to check out the link (maybe I can tackle this project - and if it's true that the corners a fitted and the tablecloth won't fall off that would be amazing.

I love the polka-dots - big surprise - I love everything you do.

I totally get the alloted computer time comment - LOL - my allotment is over! : )