Yes, I'm a Jon and Kate

Monday, June 15

I know it's been quite a while since my last post but I just needed to throw in one quick Jon and Kate dig. I'm usually not into this tabloidy stuff but I have to admit that this whole Jon and Kate scandal has got me hooked line and sinker.

The video, taken during an appearance on 'Access Hollywood,' shows one of the twins, Mady, telling her mom she's thirsty. "I want a drink. I haven't had a drink all day, Mady exclaims, head in hand, as Kate ignores her. "I'm going to get dehydrated!"

Kate then exclaims, "Yes, can I get a bottle." Water in hand, Kate sips some, puts the bottle down and does not offer Mady any. As the kid pleads, "I need a drink now" Kate tells her to "be quiet," to which Mady says, "You're really, really mean!"

Kate makes a last half-hearted attempt to reach for the bottle she just drank from but then tells her daughter that there's really no time.


Lisa B (Moon) said...

Isnt that horrible??? It makes me so sad. I have always given my children food and drink before I ever even get close to getting anything for myself. That is what mothers do.
It really shows her true nature. There isnt a whole lotta nurture in her is there???
Hate her.

Meredith said...

woah, nelly. have you ever seen the shows? i watch them on occasion, and kate loves her kids. mady is just a drama queen. she's over-dramatic and complains constantly. she'd probably been complaining all day and kate wasn't going to capitulate to mady's demands to be the center of attention.

could kate have handled the situation better? probably, especially since she was on film. but that doesn't mean there's not another explanation.

Unknown said...

Hate is a strong word for someone who has never watched the show. As an avid viewer for the past 5 years, I must admit that Kate is controlling and abrasive, but she is definitely not a bad mother. She cooks from scratch organically most of the time and always serves her kids first and then eats. You obviously have never seen the obnoxious fits that Mattie throws because she constantly needs to be the center of attention. I have seen Kate be very understanding and patient with her when I would not have been. Don't be so quick to judge something you know little about.

Grosgrain said...

I thought this post might get some people rawled up. In my defense I HAVE watched the show since its inception. Especially during the writers strike, it was ALL I watched.

That being said, I don't like what it's become and I don't like how its become more important than the marriage and I think I'm not alone. Since the whole scandal I've refused to watch. It's really amazing what money will do to priorities.

I think a lot of Kate's supermommying (cooking 'organic' dinner) is partly 'spin'. She is coming out with a cookbook, don't be naive in thinking that she and TLC doesn't have an agenda when depicting her as a perfect mother.

That also being said, I don't think she's a bad mother at all. I posted this with sort of a wink, wink. I agree kids can be drama queens but she DID drink the water when she could have easily handed it to her daughter. No big deal. But if she doesn't want people to comment about the little inane things she should consider another line of work.

I have a hard time feeling pity for someone who so openly wanted the spotlight.

Fawn and Flower said...

I agree! Just a little tongue-in-cheek thing... the same could be said for the spanking incident. But I have to say, I was more than a little surprised that they actually decided to split. I heard Jon is looking for a one bedroom apartment in NYC... ONE bedroom? Who does he think he is, this young swinging bachelor now or something?

Um... I really don't watch the show as much as it sounds like I do :) Must just be feeling opinionated today.

Anonymous said...

He would only need a one bedroom because the kids are getting the house and the parents are moving out. When it's their turn with the kids, they are going to go stay in the house with them and then leave when their turn is over.

I think it's the most brilliant custody/visitation idea ever. The parents have to shuffle around and disrupt their own lives while the kids get the stability of staying in one place.

I don't know if she's a good or bad mother, we all have strengths and weaknesses. She is, however, mentally and physically abusive to her spouse. I couldn't watch the show very much, it made me very uncomfortable.

I'm interested in the cookbook though. In the episodes I saw she was always cooking something interesting.

Design Lab 443 said...

Give one of your kids a drink and they all will want one... so i get that, but I wouldn't have taken a drink in front of them, that is a bit odd.

Tiffany Winters said...

I understand that completely. Don't judge me. But when my daughter wants water, so does my other daughter and it takes twice as long. If the interview was about to start and she gave one kid water, the other 7 would want some too.. I understand that. I don't think she was being mean.

Unknown said...

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