Vintage Fisher Price 1

Monday, January 24

I LOVE vintage Fisher Price toys. The new "throwback" versions don't hold a candle. They lack a lot of the gadgets and gizmos which made the originals so appealing.
 I'm always looking for these at thrift stores and despite the fact that I go every week I never find any. How strange! They were so prolific in their day you'd think they'd be lying on the side of the road. 
*True Story*
I actually did see one on the side of the road once and considered pulling over and putting it in my car. But I just kept driving.


Rebekah said...

SO cute! And you're right: imitations of vintage things are never as charming as the real deal. I discovered your blog last week and immediately became a fanatic follower. I LOVE the beautiful things you find to share. Happy Monday!

Heedless said...

Vintage Fisher Price is the best!
I still love to play with the people and the cars...

Abigail said...

The vintage fisher price house reminds me of the one over by Murphy's Home Center. A friend's uncle owned that house and we had a party there after prom. It was really neat inside:)