Lily's first day of school

Friday, August 28

Well, one of life's milestones arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday. Lily had her first day of school. It went pretty well. There were no tears. No tantrums. No problems with enrollment.

I don't really think I'm an emotional person in public. But maybe with age I'm turning into one because when I saw her standing in line I thought about how this was the first day of many many to come. And in thinking that I, in turn, thought that someday would be her 'last day of school' and how I would look back on this 'first day' and be moved. Then I actually was sad. Almost to the point of tears. How embarrassing. I didn't want to be one of those mothers.

After school, Lily came home and was her usual stoic self. She briefly described her day in the 60 second drive to our house. They played on the playground, sat in a circle and someone introduced themselves to her. Despite her shyness, she was so very excited for the next day. Let's hope that enthusiasm keeps for another twelve years:)

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Deece said...

Aw! My daughter, Katelyn, started school for the first time this year too. My heart was all fluttery the whole morning.