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Thursday, November 12

I wanted to post this a couple days ago but I've been so sidetracked this week. Did any of you watch the season finale of Mad Men? What did you think?

Here were some of my thoughts....

Bets and Don: I don't think everything will go well with Bets and Francis. For some time I was getting really jaded by Don's constant infidelity. I thought that storyline was getting stale. Then Betty comes in and mixes it up by running away with Henry Francis. I thought I'd be more 'you go Bets'! But actually I find that I'm really annoyed at her as well.

Rodger and Joan: For a long time there was just no good way for these characters to be together. Joan is a 'do-the-right-thing' character. She wouldn't sleep with a married man who she also happens to work for. But now that Rodger divorced this wife and remarried this young girl who Joan despises, there's room for them to reignite their -------------------------------------------------------------------attraction. I look forward to it because I -------------------------------------------------------------------don't like Jane either.

Peggy Olson: I was wondering for a while this season how she was going to climb up the ladder. I feel that the writers have always had a path in mind for her. She's the 1960s career gal who had to scratch her way to the top in a man's world. In the past few episodes she's been really stepped on and that bothered me. I LOVED how she stuck it to Don in the season finale and made him eat some humble pie. Man, was he being an ASS! I think this new change will allow her to take on a higher position of rank. I'd like to see all of them working for her someday.

Pete Campbell: I don't know what will happen to him. But oddly, I like watching his character. He does slimy things but he feels guilt over them and he has the ability to be wounded. I would really like to see some progress on the 'Peggy/Pete' secret baby storyline but I don't see any development in the recent scripts for this to happen. Maybe in two more seasons.

Paul, Harry, Ken and Salvatore: With Paul and Ken still at Sterling Cooper and Harry in the newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, I don't know how their dynamic will be affected. But I think this might leave a little bit of room for Salvatore to find his way back to the show.

Well, that's all I see in my crystal ball. What say you?

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Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh, we think alike! I had almost the same thoughts watching the show. I miss it already.