Friday, November 20

Wow. We were on the edge of our seats for two days. Then finally last week the results were in. Brian looked up at me with the computer in his lap and said, "They're in. Do you want to know?"

Me: "No. Let me look."

Me: "No. Just tell me."

Me: "No. I'll just look."

Scroll down....1....no....2....no....3...."Oh it doesn't look good for me." 4...5...6....7...."AHHHHHH!!!!!"

I do the game show dance. (In case you're wondering what that looks like, it involves singing and waving your arms around).

For the next couple hours I am bent over the computer evaluating all the details and comments and just EVERYTHING!

So....if you commented on the "Lawn Frock" or entered the giveaway or have just been a fan of Grosgrain, please, PLEASE go here and leave a comment with your vote for #7. You would make my LIFE!

You can only vote once but that doesn't mean you can't get your friends and family to join in. Right?! RIGHT! My parents are too computer illiterate to figure out how to vote so I need all the help I can get:)

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Tricia said...

Congrats on your win!!