Now, I'm not a neat freak but even I think this is gross....

Wednesday, December 10

This is what Brian lovingly leaves behind for me in the mornings. I think I feel my breakfast coming up.

*Lily's cute quote of the day:
"MOMMY, did you know that there's an earth called Pluto?!"


Tonya Staab said...

awww, ain't that sweet, he's leaving you a little gift so you'll think of him ... now if only it were something you loved instead of something that would make you puke.

Janae said...

Haha! That's just like my husband. :)

I just found out I won the scribble it giveaway! How do I contact them for the gift card?

THANK YOU for your blogs! You are such an inspiration.

Unknown said...

this gave me a huge giggle, as I read your backposts, because just first thing this morning I sent my hubby a text message full of love. "I am going to stab you in the face." Moments later he phoned apologetically to explain that he was in a rush this morning and that's why I had woken up to a kitchen full of clumps of dirt from his workboots.