Sometimes she surprises you....

Tuesday, December 9

My daughter Lily (like probably many of your daughters) needs my attention at all times. When I'm in the middle of an important task she seems to need me the most. Today, she decided that she wanted to wrap Christmas gifts for her best friend Gracie. It turned out to be quite an ordeal.

First she needed me to get the wrapping paper down from the attic. Next she needed scissors and tape. Then she couldn't figure out how to wrap the paper. And when she accidentally tore it, all hell broke loose.

This was while I was frantically searching for my cell phone under chairs, inside drawers, inside purses, out in cars.

The last thing she needed were bows. But they couldn't be just any bows they had to be sticky. So, after searching our attic for those, I managed to find two. Just enough for her two presents. End of story? Well, almost. Soon after, she meekly sidled up to my leg and troubled me with yet another bow request. I had reached my wits end. But she assured me that it was for a present both she and Molly would really love.

The only bow I had left had come apart and had to be re-folded and stapled. FINALLY, after searching for the stapler (and extra staples because....of was empty) I handed it to her, admittedly annoyed.

She took the bow and placed it on my hand, looked up at me and smiled. "You mommy," she said. "You're my present."

I was humbled. She can really surprise you sometimes.

That being said....this morning she climbed into my bed and told me, "Something stinks....oh yeah, that's because you're beside me."


Deece said...

What a sweetheart!

Cheilita said...

totally sweet. tulia climbed into my bed yesterday and exclaimed "OH NO! we can't hear ANYTHING...because we're DOOMED!" the young ones are funny no?

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

hahahahahaha I am sorry to laugh but the "oh yeah, its because you're beside" after the precious "you're my gift" has me sincerely laughing! That sounds so much like my daughter...sigh...:D Thank you for the laugh!

Abi said...

Don't they say the silliest things. Today I was eating the last bite of my pizza crust as Gracie worked on a glazed donut. She looked at me seriously and said "Mommy when you finish that bite would you like to lick my fingers off." IT was SO cute yet disgusting:)