Being Joaquin Phoenix

Friday, February 13

So, I guess you all have seen the bizzare Joaquin interview on David Letterman....

But have you seen what he looked like three years ago?

Wow what a difference! So here's my theory....
You've seen Being John Malkovich? Take John Malkovich and replace him with Joaquin then take the puppeteering and replace it with rapping and VOILA! Some geeky John Cusack has taken over the body of Joaquin who is now watching helpless from the inside.

That or he's on some serious drugs. I'm hoping for the former.


Art Nest said...

you are so funny! i have a thing for joaquin, but I havn't seen this 'hairy'


PS: I'm so glad you are blogging on the tumtum tree again!

Cheilita said...

oh man i totally saw BOTH of them after someone posted the bizarre one on facebook. what a difference. I hope it's either a attention getting stunt/project (as there is a documentary being filmed on his transition from actor to rapper) or yeah, the drug thing. sadly, i think he might be on drugs.

Grosgrain said...

Yeah, I heard that hoax theory too. But I just couldn't find a funny way to fit in into the story. To be honest it's the way I'm leaning. I mean, why would Casey be filming it?

Brian even went as far to say that he thought David Letterman was in on it too seeing as he played along with Andy Kaufmann when he did the thing where he said he was quitting comedy to become a wrestler.

I totally forgot about that.

It' an Evolution said...

I had been dying to see this clip, thanks for sharing...I too think he is on drugs...sad
Love your blog!

Mrs. and Mama K said...

I think he's always looked a bit he simply IS creepy...I wonder if Walk the Line got to him?