Dead is Dead.

Thursday, April 30

I'll never get over the cruel Russian Roulette 'Lost' plays with its characters. And it always falls prey to my favorites. Last night, another one was sacrificed to the island gods.

Who? But of course, my short-lived fav to replace Charlie....Daniel Faraday.

I loved how in last night's episode Daniel was so blunt about everything....

'Oh yeah, I'm from the future.'

'Oh yeah, the island is going to explode.'

'Oh yeah, Miles is your son.'

'And oh yeah, I'M your son....AND YOU KILLED ME....TWICE!(in a sense)"

Really, more Losties need to stop 'beating around the bush' and take his lead....Ben I'm looking at you.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I'm not totally convinced that Daniel is dead. He looked up, was silent and then BAM! LOST! You know the drill.

Plus according to the boards, there's some secret video where Dan is with Chang trying to warn about the 'event' that they haven't recorded yet. I'm crossing my fingers!

Dead is dead. Or....


Tammy said...

I was dumfounded last night-and a bit slow. I did figure out about Whitmore, right after he told his mother about the grant @ Oxford, but I didnt see the shooting coming.
I liked Daniel too-I like that he was giving answers instead of just clues.
I think he'll be back. He has the answers. (the crazy ones always do-Miles, and Hurley-oh and the dead ones)
Im so LOST!

Grosgrain said...

I totally saw his death coming. It was like seeing a car stalled on the train tracks and being able to do nothing!

I kept saying "WHY IS HE CARRYING THAT GUN!" Was it really necessary?!

When his mother was talking about sacrifice and said "you know I sent him back even though I knew...."

I knew what was coming next. UGH! LOST! Why must you hurt me so!

Cheilita said...

Yeah nate and i were all pissy about daniel dying. what in the heck is going on with that show! Last night was even more puzzling!

green girl said...

I share your love of charlie and faraday. I'm sad they're gone...

Unknown said...

Alas, I too mourn the loss of Daniel & Charlie....