Pink Gowns and Green Bags

Monday, April 20

So recently I got an email from one of my favorite shop spots 'Forever 21' advertising 'The Prom'. And I'd be lying if I said it didn't raise a little concern that I shop at the same place as girls half my age studying for their driver's test. So did I delete the email and vow to never shop there again?


I clicked on the ad hoping to peruse their selection of mid thigh length bubble gum pink prom dresses of course.

What I found instead was an ad for their 'green' bags. And interestingly, this bothered me.

Okay, before you all get upset, I'm all for 'green bags'. I keep my baggu bag in my car and use it when I pop into the dollar store. I'm not so much into companies (like F21) jumping on the green bag wagon not so much because they are concerned about global warming but more because they earn $1.25 or more per bag after the .25 cent cost to produce it.

This especially struck me as bothersome last Christmas when I asked if I could get a box with my F21 purchase but was told I had to wrap my gift in a 'green bag' for $2.50. Nothing says Christmas morning like handing someone a recycling sack to open by the fire.

And F21s not alone! They're at the supermarket, they're at the drug store and they all cost waaayyy more than they should! Business after business using 'global warming' as a means to earn a quick buck! If these people are truly 'concerned' about the environment, they'd charge 25 cents a bag and everyone would be using them.



Kate said...

I completely agree with you on this. I have to say, though, Old Navy is running a great promotion. If you purchase one of their green/recyclable bags for $1, they will give you 10% off of your purchase! I think this is a great incentive!

Grosgrain said...

ooo, good 2 know. That is a great incentive! I wish more companies were doing this on a regular basis.

Tracie said...

A bunch of grocery stores will give you a percentage off if you use their bags. I just hate the clutter of the plastic bags so I use green ones all the time. I'm sort of a bag wh*re so I have lots of cool ones :)

It' an Evolution said...

I am with you on that one...stores that have no purpose selling a green bag are trying to sell them.
They should give the first one away and give an incentive to bring it back.
Did you know that Gap is no longer giving out gift boxes in an effort to be green or to cut cost?
Another point...instead of producing plastic bags why don't some of these places use paper...nothing wrong with that hitting the recycle bin???
Oh well...can't fix the world in one shot :)

sarasophia said...

So true (and I love the reference to opening a recycled sack by the yuletide fire:P).

I think it far cheaper to make your own "green bags" and I wish more people had the resources to do so. Its disgusting when companies bombard us with eco-conscience PR when they STILL only care about the bottom line.


Perhaps you, my dear, could host your next giveaway for some fabric shopping bags? I know you would make cute ones and it could be your "Belatedly In Honor Of Earth Day" contest:) I would SO enter:P

<3 sarasophia

Sallie said...

I agree with you. I think it is ridiculous that Gymboree charges almost $5 for a "green" bag. I carry all sorts of reusable bags for shopping. In Europe my sister is charged 5 cents to use plastic bags. I think we should go more that route.

Dawn Elizableth said...

We get free canvas bags when we do a show every year. One year we received 4. They are smaller than grocery bags but free is free and I like that they fit over your shoulder! I feel they shouldn't make you pay for something to help the environment either.