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Friday, April 3

After all the bargaining and arguing and bitter haggling I've endured with Comcast, I have finally struck a deal with Verizon and was looking forward to FINALLY telling Comcast to disconnect my service! Unfortunately, instead of being directed to the angry, arrogant, tightfisted operators I've been dispatched to in calls prior, I was sent to a sweet, patient woman who made it impossible for me throw an offer back in her face. WHAT A BUMMER! I was really looking forward to telling one of those operators that they could keep their so called deals.

If you are in the same boat I was in with comcast you should check out Verizon's new FIOS offers. We don't use landlines at our house. So all the digital voice inclusions don't really help to keep down our bills. But Verizon offered us, their TV package that included all the channels except premium ones, on Demand, DVR, HD and boxes in any room we wanted.

They also included internet at a 20mbps download speed (which is really good), free modem/router (no monthly fee) and free installation all for only 100.00 plus taxes for a guaranteed two years. That's ten dollars less than what I was paying with comcast and we only got 1mbps download speed with them. Oh plus Verizon offered a $100 Visa gift card. It was the two years which sold me because with comcast, they'd give me a deal for 6 months and then after that time I'd be back on the phone haggling with them yet AGAIN!

But in addition to that I added Netflix to our tv through this little box from Roku. Basically, I have the normal netflix subscription but with the Roku box I can watch movies from Netflix INSTANTLY no charge but my normal $5.99 monthly fee. The instant selection isn't fantastic. I might equate it to HBO or Starz but not the newest releases.

If you felt so inclined you could get rid of your tv bill altogether and just go with the roku netflix thing. It has a lot of the newest tv shows to watch instantly. Good deal?


Grover said...

OMG! I was just in the same position as you with Comcast. I was fed up with them and struck a great deal with Verizon Fios. I called to tell them to suck it, and wouldn't you know I got a sweet girl also! I almost felt bad. Then I remembered all the times I tried to convince them that they owed me money - they kept refusing and speaking in circles - then after I quit Comcast, they sent me a check because they owed me money! Arrrggg!

Artfulife said...

You can also watch almost any episode from most tv shows for free on Hulu. The nice thing is they have fewer commercials, it's our favorite way to watch all our favorite shows. Sometimes we won't watch a series for three or four weeks. Then we watch all the episodes in a row. It's fun.

sarasophia said...
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We ditched our comcast cable altogether about 2 years ago. My husband and I watch all our "TV" on the computer. The DVR was incredibly handy and On Demand had really improved but when service was interrupted you were pretty much out of luck. Our kids have loved having Roku and they still have access to a DVD player and VHS player although those are on the way out. Just recently we finally purchased an apple tv and are putting all those dvds on it.