"Salvation" Army

Wednesday, April 1

The salavation army a couple miles from my house is sooo fantastic! It's one of the larger ones I've seen. And I don't know if it's because it's in a good neighborhood but their selection is actually quite good....for a thrift store. And on Wednesday everything is half off!

I go every Wednesday and have bought about a zillion sleepers, pajamas and various name brand tops and bottoms. For example.....today I bought 3 footy pajamas, 4 pajama bottoms, one children's place green cords, one Children's Place striped sweater, 3 Carter's floral tops, 1 Carter's yellow capris, 1 Carter's snowflake fleece pullover, one OshKosh Knit Top, one pair of velour track pants for molly, and 2 video taps for only....$20! That's nearly $1 per item!


And remember, if you are close to crossing over that tax bracket, if you donate to salvation army, get a receipt for everything you give. All you do is estimate how much each thing is worth and that's what the receipt reflects. When taxes come due you can deduct how much you donated from your annual income. If you're close to the threshold, it could be your "salvation" from paying a whole lot more in taxes! Here's a link to estimating the value of your stuff.


Anonymous said...

The Salvation Army Stores are so well organized and clean. I donated several bags of clothing to the one in my area last November.

Nuts To You! said...

I just got two Hershey's sundae dishes from there last Saturday! I only went once on a Wednesday, and it was so crowded that I have stayed away. Have you found a time that is less crowded or do you just bear the crowds? When we were there, I found an awesome Spring coat from the Gap for cheap, but it was too constricting on my arms. I would have been able to hold still in it, just not drive or do anything else. :P My husband works for our local rescue mission so we will take all the deals we can get! Shawna

Nuts To You! said...

I wondered if you had ever heard of a Re-Uzit Shop? They might just be a local thing, I had never heard of them before I moved here, but they are fun too. They take crafting things as well so sometimes you can find fabric, notions, thread, all sorts of stuff!