A few finds I thought you might like.

Saturday, May 31

I'm so sorry for the lack post recently. I had been working on a new grosgrain dress which CONSUMED me. But it's over now and I'm back on the saddle again. As an atonement I included many pretty things I've found here and there and everywhere.

This cuter than cute felt cake has over 50 decorations to stick on and create all kinds of designs. Buy it at Chasing Fireflies.

You can buy these turquoise chairs at Ibiza but I think it would be even better if you spray painted some old folding chairs and did the tin punch yourself!

Emma and Avery has the most gorgeous children's clothing. Creative and reminiscent of Marie Antoinette's era.

I don't know why but turning fruit into containers, cups and fruit punch dispensers tickles me with delight.

I remember pretending I had a mermaid fins after seeing The little mermaid. These would have been right up my alley. Buy them here at Chasing Fireflies.


lillie said...

oh wow, i love the punch dispenser...and those colored chairs! yes, i've been thinking about taking a can of spray paint to some plain ones... must do it for the summer!

earthmama said...

OMG! The chairs...so great! And the watermelon as fruit punch dispenser kicks so much ass! What a crowd pleaser! I so know what I'm bringing to our next pot luck! Fantastic ideas, as always!


koala brains said...

Very cool - I have had my eyes on that felt cake. It's probably worthwhile to buy it but I can't when I can make it. The question is - when??