No work today!

Wednesday, May 28

For Memorial Day we all rented a minivan and went to Knobels Grove Amusement Park with Brian’s family. Quite a nice day. Keeping in mind that we had two small children and I was nursing yet another health issue I have to say that it was really enjoyable. Lily had a GREAT day, as you can see. Her favorite rides were the slide and tugboat.

Knobels is such a great place for kids since 95% of the rides are for children 42” and above. But best of all, the park is COVERED in trees. My biggest complaint with a lot of parks is lack of foliage and broiling temperatures that accompany the black asphault. At Knobels, dogs are allowed (on a leash) as well personal food, alcohol, barbeque gear AND you don’t have to pay to get in, just to ride. In all, we spent $30 for three people to ride all day not including the $10 book of tickets I found on the ground. Good deal.

Oh….and it’s never more than a 15 minute wait to ride. What more can you ask for?

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