Paperdoll ME!

Sunday, May 4

OMG! I just found the cutest idea for a birthday party: personalized paper dolls of your child. I did my paper doll in Photoshop. This was the easiest way to whiteout the background, resize the dresses and add tabs. But if you don't have a photo editing software you can still make these. First, have your child stand in front of a white background. Mark where they stand on the floor with tape. Then mark where you are standing on the floor. For the basic doll, I'd recommend photographing your child in their undergarments or bathing suit as this looks more authentic. Have your child hold their arms out to make room for a myriad of outfits. Then, having your child stand in the same place, photograph them in a variety of outfits. Be sure that they stand in the same position. Print the doll and outfits on heavy paper. Cut out images very carefully or use an exacto knife. Make accessories like shoes, hats, gloves, whatever tickles your fancy. Laminate doll for durability. Another neat idea would be to add magnets to the backs of all the accessories and dolls and post them on your refridgerator. Make dolls out of your own family (dog included!) The possibilities are endless.

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Tab said...

What an absolute brilliant idea! I may have to see if my boys want to do this. Or if they don't I'll have to have all of my nieces over for a photo sesion. These would make adorable birthday/Christmas type gifts for them. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!