99 red luftballoons

Tuesday, May 13

I'm really debating whether or not to combine lily and molly's birthdays. They are close enough so that the decision becomes rather difficult- almost exactly one month. I don't think most people would come to one party and then another in three weeks. And hey, my birthday is in there too! I could make Molly's one week early and lily's one week late so they weren't as close together. Ugh. I don't know but I'm going to have to decide soon. At any rate, I'm contemplating ideas and I like these very round red balloons. Very retro. Very large. Very eye candy. You can buy them here!
I thought about a 99 red balloons theme but Brian tells me that song is actually about Nuclear War. Am I the only one who didn't know that? I included some more party inspirational pics for anyone else in the same boat as me. Enjoy.

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Deece said...

Hi - I'm late, seeing as how this was posted in May and it's now October! I found my way here from Grosgrain.

You aren't the only one who didn't know the song was about nuclear war. I don't know the real meaning (or the real words!) behind most songs...my husband usually enlightens me. :)