Behind the bathroom curtain

Friday, May 16

Found this adorable blog dedicated to sharing your child's artwork, writing, whatever. Users are free to comment on the artwork and as any parent knows, kids LOVE feedback. The creator, Brian, found the inspiration for the site in a box full of his old schoolwork and drawings that his parents had kept over the years. Poring over all the old papers, Brian and his wife were entertained by how bizarre and

imaginative a lot of the work was. He knew that there must be millions of people with similar material to share, so he decided to create a forum in which the artwork and creativity of children everywhere could be showcased. Pictured at top is Lily's first submission- a portrait of her sister Molly drawn on the bathroom wall during one of her brainstorming baths. To the right and left are a couple submissions featured on the site. Post your child's artwork at TheBlog WeeMade.

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Tonya Staab said...

Thank you so much for this link, I just sent in a piece of my son's artwork and he was soooo excited to see it on the 'internet' :).