My Mother's Day

Monday, May 12

Despite my impending bronchitis, Mother's Day was pretty nice. We had a picnic at the park and bought some Sheetz take-out which I thought might be a little gross but actually turned out really good. I ordered a bacon melt on pretzel bread with honey mustard. Mmmm....pretzel bread. Lily gathered all the nearby dandelions and brought them to me as a bouquet. Within the next few hours my cold turned into bronchitis and I eventually lost my voice completely. Despite that fact, I'm glad I didn't stay inside all day. Lily had a good time at the park and Molly enjoyed the fresh air. Brian took Molly to his mother's house and Lily and I watched kid shows under the blankets for the rest of the night. My mother and I had planned on going to Red Lobster (her favorite place to eat) but I had to give her a rain check. Hey, I looked pretty good for being sick.

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