Makeover your patio without hiring a contractor

Thursday, May 8

Since summer is around the corner I thought to mention these handy wood tiles good for concrete patios, balconies and in the yard. I like this idea because they are removable and portable so even renters can improve their space. There are many different kinds at many different price ranges. The most expensive have interlocking bottoms and come in a variety of patterns. There are a number of companies out there that sell these. But all of them ask for quotes which to me means 'out of my price range'. Just type in interlocking wood tiles in google to see the various sites.
Ikea also sells something like this for a more affordable price at a little over $3 per square foot. However, they don't have interlocking bottoms so I don't know how you would keep them in place if you didn't have anything to hold them together. But you can buy them at select Ikeas. Check it out here!
Another great invention for the DIYer is vinyl wood planks. Wait, don't stick up your nose at them just yet. Yes, they are vinyl but not the shiny fake looking kind they made in the 80s. These are wide 3 feet by 4 inches. So they lay like real wood planks plus they have the texture of wood and have a matte finish. Each plank has a sticky backing to them so there is almost no prep work involved. I installed these in my father's kitchen in one evening by myself. All of the people who saw it thought it was wood laminate. This too comes in a variety of prices and qualities but I bought my Novalis planks at Lowes for $1 per square foot and it looked great! I'm not advising to use it in your living room but for the kitchen or bath they are a really inexpensive, quick way to makeover a space.

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