Lastly Lost

Friday, May 16

On a personal nerdy note, LOST! Need I say more. I've never mentioned my obsession before but now is a good time with the finale airing in two weeks. And I can say, FINALLY, finally Jack knows about Claire. Great! Talk about pleasure delaying. The wait was almost worth the look on his face when he realized everything. They say there will be one significant death in the finale. But after Charlie I don't think I can take another good character's demise. Anyone but Desmond....pleeeaaazzze. Take michael, take rose, even Juliet. I don't care, anyone but Desmond. I need that unification with Penny, don't you? Lastly, the whole Oceanic Six possibly being dead and in the afterlife is throwing me off a bit. I could see perhaps Jack and Kate and Hurley but not Sun. Then again, with Lost, who knows. With any luck the island will bring Charlie back and all can be right with the world.


Kimberly said...

I am SO with you on Charlie and Desmond. In fact, that is what I talked about in my review too! I would not be a happy LOST fan if Desmond dies. Definitely take Juliet!


Mymsie said...

I can't wait for the season finale and to hear how the six end up being "the oceanic 6" and what story they make up about the baby. Yowsa! (P.S. Have you seen Jorge Garcia's fun blog?)

Sabina said...

Ok, a fellow Lost fan. My son always breezes into the room while I'm watching Lost and casually asks -"What's going on?" - to which I can only respond - "I don't know but it's soooo good."