Compliment and Castigate

Monday, October 12

During my visit with the OB on Friday I was given a compliment on my cute blue striped dress AND very stern 'dress down'. Apparently, I am not gaining enough weight. At 24 weeks I weigh 115.9 lbs which to me seems normal for this point. It was such a concern at the appointment I am supposed to go back in two weeks to get weighed again and if I haven't gained two more pounds I am to see a nutritionist. Plus my blood pressure has been consistently 80/50-ish. Weird.

Molly was born rather small at 5lbs 12oz. Lily was something like 6lbs 10oz. So I don't have big babies but I was told for the health of this baby I MUST start eating more. Or should I say at least, getting the most bang for my buck with what I can manage to eat. It doesn't even have to be healthy, just fatty and full of protein. Apparently my mid day snacks of fruit and chocolate just aren't cutting it.

We stopped at Walmart on our way back and bought a whole bunch of protein bars and shakes. I ate one on the way home and now I don't feel hungry for dinner. So I'm a bit skeptical. Maybe this is how my body works. Eating more than what makes me comfortable seems sort of wrong too.

As far as problems go, I admit, this one shouldn't be something to complain too much about. BUT, I am worried I'm going to have a full term 4lb baby.


Cheilita said...

dear kathleen.
if only i could have this problem non pregnancy. imagine all the cheeses and sauces and desserts and snacks! imagine them! then eat them. happily. without guilt. oh the gloriousness of it. perhaps i should cook something terrible but delicious for you eh?

Ruth said...

When pregnant with my last son, I gained 5 pound total, and he weighed 7 pounds when he was born. With my last daughter, I gained 7 pounds and she weighed almost 7 and 1/2 pounds. I ate healthy food and enough, and both babies were born healthy. I started out at 125 pounds each pregnancy. I'm not a doctor, but maybe this is just the way your body works. My midwife was fine with my weight gain.

Lauren Wayne said...

Ugh. It makes me sad that they're putting pressure on you to gain a certain amount of weight on a set schedule. My midwives were darlings who never even weighed me, because no one is average — some gain a lot, and some a little, and rarely is it a problem if you're healthy to begin with. I found I gained weight in spurts, 33 pounds total but almost all in the last couple months, had a 12-lb healthy baby, and lost it all in 2 weeks. My mom gained 5 lbs with me and I weighed 10 lbs. Whatev. Some people have a metabolism that kicks into high gear with pregnancy (like Ruth above, too). I would say don't feel you have to let them bully you, but go to the nutritionist if it would help you think about your food choices. Good for weight gain and you: avocados, peanut butter, butter. Add more olive oil when you cook. But in general, just relax and know that your baby is going to be the size that you usually produce: on the small but healthy side. It's fine that way.

P.S. I came here from Grosgrain, because I want to promote it in a giveaway post. Love, love, love your creations!

Unknown said...

Phooey! Not all women are the same...when will the OBs figure this out!?!? You only need to concern yourself with eating a healthy diet, high on the proteins...healthy proteins. Yogurt, nuts, etc. Check out the Brewer Diet (google it), it gives some great pregnancy guidelines for nutrition.

I am a follower of your Grosgrain blog (love it!! Hope I win someday!) and just realized that you have this blog...I'm really enjoying reading it!

Hope you have a great week!

Deece said...

If only I could have gained less. I put on 60 pounds!!! with my first and 25 with my second.

I love the dress!

Hélène Deroubaix said...

hello Kathleen:)
I am soon 23weeks and my weight is 125(I'm rather tall and thin so it's just fine) I have only gain
I have only gained 4,4lbs since I am pregnant and surely I gained them recently because of the baby's growth and the placenta ,the uterus etc
I don't believe I am eating more, I just listen to my body
I eat when I feel like eating and don't starve myself neither would I stuff myself because doctors thinks it's not enough
I have always been a thin person, eating all I want and not gaining much weight, so I will surely gain weight during pregnancy but according to the baby's growth:)

"Eating more than what makes me comfortable seems sort of wrong too."then just listen to yourself:)

eheh yes that's not a too serious problem, we can imagine the problem of women who gain way too much lbs easily and have to be careful, it must be so difficult!

anyways it's wonderful to know you're going to have your third child:)))

I'm glad I found your blog:)

Rosalind said...

As long as you eat healthily who cares how much weight you do and don't put on, like everyone else has said - every person is different. My best friend always gives birth to small babies and is made to have countless unnecessary tests - she is about to have her 3rd and I am sure it will be a tiny healthy baby!

Nicki said...

I'd say go with you gut feeling. I've always been underweight (pregnant or not). I eat a regular amount of food (more than some of my friends) but I just don't put on weight. I've come to realise that that is just the way i am. I tried eating more unhealthy stuff but it didn't help and I just felt bleugh!

Nicki said...

LOL at me! I shouldn't read/comment on several blogs at once! Just realised I was going through the archives!!