Too good to be true?

Tuesday, October 27

I've dyed my hair so many times it's horribly dry and damaged. I could probably go weeks without washing it and it would still look like straw. So I've only heard good things about this Keratin Hair Treatment. It's supposed to work better, the more damaged your hair is. Has anyone heard of it? Or have tried it? It's like $300 to have it done in the salon but I've seen the solution selling on ebay and online for $40-$60 and I found this video explaining how to apply with a friend. I don't know, what say you?


Leah said...

Nothing can fix damaged hair since anything showing above your scalp is already dead. Your best bet is deep conditioning regularly, using a silicone based smoothing product like Biosilk (or something similar), and getting frequent trims until the damage grows out. If you are coloring your hair yourself, skip the prepackaged stuff and get the color at a beauty supply store where you can get a very low volume developer to mix with it and cause less damage. Good Luck!

Sarah said...

I'm also interested in the Keritin treatment. My hair stylist suggests doing it in the spring to get the most benefit for the money. Hair tends to be frizzier in the summer..

I've also heard of a product called Living Proof No Frizz. It was developed by MIT professors.

Shiriously said...

I had the treatment done a few months ago and paid $300. I typically straighten my hair daily. I was able to style my hair with just a blowdryer and no straightener for about a month. Following that, I felt I wasn't able to get it as straight as I wanted, so I am back to straightening it daily, but it takes a fraction of the time, because it's mostly straight by the time I'm done drying. As far as healthiness goes, it has made a huuuuge difference. It's a bit pricey so I'm not sure I'll maintain it, but I'd be careful about doing it yourself. Even the product that had extremely low formaldehyde levels (the ones that don't have any will be much less effective)made me super teary at the salon. Good luck with whatever you decide!