Lottery purchase #4

Monday, October 26

Someday we will have an RV. We'll go for weekend trips to the beach and week long trips to Key West. I fantasize about the layout of my RV the same way I fantasize about my dream home. I doodle on random scrap paper when I'm bored. Or imagine the layout when I'm driving and the radio dispenses a row of dull songs.

I know I go on and on about charm but I want my RV to be more functional than charming. If I wanted charming I'd fantasize about a Tumbleweed House. I want something that we can all be in while driving, has full air conditioning, a TV, plenty of unfolding bed space, full electricity and water and of course a master bedroom, oh AND LOTS OF WINDOWS! Someday if I win the lottery. But it would have to be the state lottery not the Powerball so that I only had enough money to buy a house and a few extra niceties...if I won the Powerball I'd just get a Hawaiian villa.


Anonymous said...

Check craigslist! We found one in great condition that the owners were just giving away. Only cost us $70 to have it towed across the state right to our driveway. It had some minor body damage that my husband easily fixed. So worth it!

Ivy said...

We have a trailer camper. We LOVE it!! You must get one. It makes vacations fun and the kids love it. Our camper has 2 bunk beds for our 4 kiddos. We will upgrade at some point but we are working our way up. It is so worth it.