This is kinda a lame post but....

Thursday, October 8

After much postponing and prolonging, we went to the grocery store yesterday. It was one of those ALL OUT trips. It might have been a record bill for us. Another shopper took one look at our cart as we made our way to the checkout and said "I wouldn't want to pay that bill."

But the food. OH THE FOOD. Isn't food such a blessing after you've gone without it for a few days? I woke up this morning thinking, I get to eat donuts for breakfast! FRESH donuts.

I am never going to take groceries for granted because, for me, they really are the foundations of a good day.

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Unknown said...

I heartily agree! Every Friday after my paycheck shows up in my bank account, right after I put gas in my car, I go to the store and buy a bunch of groceries for the meals I've planned for the next week. It's soo satisfying to know exactly what you need, find the best deals, and then realize you have a little left over to splurge on something sweet ;)