Good Idea.

Tuesday, October 20

You know what would be a good idea? Renting a vintage photo booth for a wedding and having the guests take unlimited free photos. Then get the negatives of those photos and put them in a photobook like Mypublisher as a keepsake and send a copy of that book to each of the party guests. I think prices start at $12.95 a book for 20 pages BUT they always have a 40% off total order coupon going on. I think the one right now is HOLYSAVE40. Oh my goodness, it's such a good idea it makes me want to have a wedding.

I personally like the traditional kind with black and white photos using film in a long strip. They are kinda pricey so for a simple party you might want to set up a makeshift one with a portable printer that prints four different photos on one sheet.

I once ordered from mypublisher and got someone else's photobook for their wedding guests. I wonder if they also got a book filled with images of my daughters.

Some photobooth, and oooo here a vintage one, I like this one too.

Photo via Oh Joy!

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The Pin-Head Post said...

There's a photographer in my town that does a It looks like a lot of fun...maybe not as vintage as you were thinking...