My two girls were my treat!

Friday, October 30

Last night we celebrated Trick or Treat. Lily and her friend Kim spent two hours combing the neighborhood for sweeties. Brian, me and Molly tagged along and had a GREAT time. This year for the first time Molly reached that point where she understood the concept of accepting candy. It was absolutely ADORABLE!

As you can see, she was Flopsy from Beatrix Potter's 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'. I made the costume with a little red cape just like the triplet bunnies wear and a little wicker basket with red gingham lining. I also padded the butt of the costume so her behind looked quite plump....too cute! I'll be featuring it on Grosgrain soon.

Despite my love of making costumes, this year Lily wanted to go out and pick out one from the store. So she and her dad bought a princess costume covered with Disney characters. She was so delighted by it I didn't mind a bit.

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BluBabes said...

Darling. These are two very lucky girls.