My modest house of the moment.

Friday, October 2

I have been daydreaming of building a thin house. Do you ever do this? I find that it fills my downtime. I found this cute little plan. It's doesn't have anything special but I like to alter and decorate it in my head. The key point is that it would be super cheap to build if I could get some free land:)

My house would have dark hardwood floors in every room, recessed lighting in every room, faux wood beams in every room, a finished basement with a generous ceiling height and generous window height (that included a family room, guest room, studio and sewing room), a wide open staircase leading to the finished basement, vaulted ceiling in upstairs bedrooms, large walkout doors off the great room leading to a deck, a professionally landscaped enclosed backyard, a deep wide bathtub in the master bedroom, stainless steel appliances, and of course...a pantry.

Click on on photo to enlarge layout. Then click on photo to zoom.


lindsay said...

It's great to know someone else does this too! My father in law is a contractor and he sets aside the hard copies of his old floor plans for me so I can just "play house" as he calls it. The ones I like most are much like the one you pictured: just enough space to be comfortable, and always with a little office/sewing room. I always feel so guilty for spending time studying them instead of being productive, but it is nice to keep the dream alive that someday we might have our own home.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Your "modest" house of the moment look alot like the townhouses in the UK - very compact! Except that the UK designs are very minimal (ie no fancy beams in the front porch/garage). Not hugely pretty, the ones here :P

ellesquare said...

Um, next time you're in northern indiana, look me up, because I have a house... just. like. this. The lot at our summer cottage is 25 feet wide. TWENTY FIVE. So a skinny house is what we built, and it's darn near what you've shown and described. Swing by and we'll have a lemonade. :)