Friday, October 9

I've been wondering what this new baby will look like. I can't imagine that she will look like anything other than Molly. I can't imagine our genes blending in any different way. I couldn't really imagine what Molly would look like before she was born either.
Could she have black hair?
Could she have blue eyes?
I think if we had 20 children they'd ALL have medium brown hair and hazel eyes....and be girls.

I guess I'm just too impatient to see this new baby, whatever she may look like, whatever she'll be named. She'll be my sweet, soft, baby.


Hélène Deroubaix said...

oh you've already found and shared the name?
It is so beautiful, I love Eloise:)
I cannot either imagine my baby, I try, but I dont know
the last u/s really was not so good we could not see much of her, so I will have to learn patience till March ha! it's so long!!!!
people keep telling you how fast it goes but sometimes when I look back I say okay yeah, but when I look ahead, naaaah it's still way too long!
But I am eager for xmas, to celebrate with baby dancing inside ;)

Unknown said...

That's what I always think, I have two boys, both with brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Sometimes people ask me, don't you want to try for a girl? And I think, no, because my body only produces gorgeous blue eyed boys. :) I can only imagine your new little girl will be just as beautiful and charming as Lily and Molly, and hopefully she won't mind being photographed!